Wildau, 30.05.2023:

We were able to work through the accumulated data queue since the shutdown,
after the data centre malfunction on 18.05.2023, over the weekend (27-29.05.).
The Tachofresh application and all data are now absolutely up-to-date again.

We thank you for your understanding.

TachoListener + TachoDownloader - Update to JAVA Version 17 (05.04.2023)

The function
TachoListener (upload driver and vehicle files, driver card upload and remote download) as well as the module TachoDownloader (automated download of driver and vehicle files) contain a new JAVA version (17) and the update of the security certificate. The update is strongly recommended.

Before updating, please be sure to remove the existing versions!

To update the
TachoListener please click here: TachoListener-Update,
to update the
TachoDownloader please click here: TachoDownloader-Update

Release 6.1- Infringement Reports with Live Data + Live Enhancements (23.03.2023)

With this release, in addition to the infringements from archived driver files, the infringements from live data are also determined and displayed. Detailed information can be found in the help instructions under " Infringement reports".
In addition, there are enhancements in the live view. These include the marking of a driver who drove on the current day and pulled the driver card after finishing. More details in the "Live" help.

Release 6.0 – New Infringement reporting driving and rest times (26.01.2023)

The new infringement reporting is not only based on a completely new determination of infringements, but it also includes many important innovations.
These include:
• An extended dashboard in which the number of driving time and rest period violations - depending on the menu selection - are displayed for the current, the last three or six 6 months.
• Compared to the previous social report, the infringement evaluation can now be called up for all fleets for which the logged-in user has authorisation.
• In the infringement evaluation, the extension of the individual infringement classes to the 4 classes currently defined by Mobility Package I - light, medium, serious, very serious - has been included.
• In addition, some violations not taken into account in the previous social report have been included, such as manual supplements that were not carried out but were required.
• Completely new are the following special features:
o Unlimited evaluation period
o Drill-down function (to get exact details)
o Consideration of shift weeks with insight into individual shift days
o Fines (pro rata) driver
o The graphic infringement explanation as an overview or in detail - online and in the pdf report
o The scheduler for the offence evaluation

The current social report will be replaced at the end of June 2023.

Further details are available in the help pages.

Release 5.9 - Graphical driving time report online - now also as PDF (17 November 2022)

With this release, the PDF version of the current graphic driving time evaluation is made available. The PDF version as well as the new scheduler, with which you can have the evaluation sent to an existing user account via e-mail, are then analogous to the functionalities you are already familiar with for our other reports.

Further details are available in the help pages.

Release 5.7 - New Vehicle Management (13 September 2022)

With the new release 5.7 from 13 September 2022 there is a revised vehicle administration.
The following changes/enhancements become available with it:
• Vehicle overview grouped by vehicle, fleet membership, tachograph, telematics box criteria.
• Vehicle details clearly subdivided into
o Master data - extended by details on year of construction, first registration, total mass, fuel type etc.
o Tachograph details
o Box configuration
o Fleet allocation
o Alarm & Status
All existing functions like csv/xls export, create vehicle manually, CSV import remain.
Further details are available in the help pages.

Release 5.6 – Report Scheduling (July 28, 2022)

This module makes it possible to create the following reports once or periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) on definable dates and to send them to the requester in encrypted form by email:
- Gap report
- Driving times - Driver evaluation
- All alarm reports
The following steps must be taken into account:
- A password must be entered in the user profile of the requester (mandatory entry).
- The report (pdf or csv) is sent to the requester on the scheduled date and can only be opened with the password specified in the user profile.
A detailed description of the Report Scheduling is available with the link “Report Scheduling”in the Help site.
The previous "Report Schedule" will be deactivated with the availability of the new Report Scheduling. Reports scheduled there are automatically switched and sent by email in encrypted form. The password required to open the file was generated automatically and can be displayed in the user profile of the requester. Reports that have already been created can still be accessed under the menu item "Reports -> Report results - old".

Release 5.4 - Graphic driving time analysis (23 June 2022)

With this version, the driving time reports are extended by a graphic version. The following display formats are offered:

- Per week (start Monday 00:00, end Sunday 23:59), the cumulated driver activities per driver are displayed in graphical form, subdivided according to:
- Driving time
- working time
- rest time
- Standby time
- Unknown activity
- By clicking on the arrow ">" to the left of the driver's name, the individual days of the week are displayed. Here, too, with the respective activities and their duration over a time bar (24 hours). In this view, the cumulative values of the individual activities are also listed in a table.
- To view the individual activities in detail in the daily timeline, go to the daily view with the mouse wheel and zoom in to the desired size. With a left mouse click you can then move the views to the left or right.

A detailed description is available in the help guide.

Release 5.3 - New Driver Management (03 June 2022)

With this release, the driver administration receives new/extended functions. These are presented in a clearly structured form and contain the following enhancements:

- Master data
- Company affiliation
o Entry date/exit date
o Driver type (full-time/part-time driver)
o Night worker
o Field for remarks
o History of company affiliation

- Driving licence, qualification and driver cards
- Driver qualification card
o Number
o Valid from - to
o Driving licence classes
o Qualification validity until

- Driving licence examinations and history
- Driver/fleet allocation
- Simpler assignment
- Driver as user
- The driver can be created as a user here

New help pages (29.04.2022)
The new help pages are now available. Clicking on the help symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen displays the explanations for the page called up. Starting from a general overview, it is then possible to go into the details. Additionally there is:
- a clear presentation of the help page structure
- a search function and
- a Question & Answer system.
These new functions are structured in a user-friendly way and enable the user to use the application even more effectively.

Release 5.1 - new user registration + new help application (24.02.2022)

Release 5.1 introduces the following enhancements:

1. enhancements in the user registration
a. requiring the registration of a new user by email confirmation. This will be done as follows:
b. The new user is created with his access rights (e.g. fleet manager with access to one or more fleets).
c. With confirmation of the user data (surname, first name, user name, email address) and user rights (fleet), an email is sent to the email address of this user.
d. With the received email a link is sent, which has to be confirmed by clicking on it.
e. As a result, an additional screen appears on which the password and a confirmation of the password are to be entered. Certain criteria are specified for this.
f. By sending this password, the user is fully created and can access the application with his or her access data (customer number, user name, password).

Apart from new users, this function will also be used for the "forgotten password" function.

Important: nothing changes for users who have already been created!

Further details and detailed descriptions can be found in the new help application.

2. New Help Application

The help system within the application has been completely revised and updated. By clicking on the
? symbol at the top right of the screen opens the help for the current screen. The table of contents takes you to other areas of the help application. In addition, there is a search function and a Questions & Answers (Q&A) section.

At present, the help is available in German and English. French is planned as an additional language

Release 4.9 Driving time reporting – new layout (11.11.2021)

The driving time evaluation appears in a new layout with this release with the following changes:
• When the evaluation is called up, it is created without further specification on the basis of the following standard settings: last 14 days for the current fleet.
• Selection criteria: in addition to the previous specifications, the evaluation can be carried out for all drivers in all fleets if there are several fleets.
• New: Display of "overlap" if the speedometer times of the two vehicles differ when changing vehicles. This is indicated by an "O" in the details.
• The identifier for live data changes from "*" to "L".
• Greatly improved response time when creating reports
• Selection period: up to 36 months
Enhancement in the live display: when displaying speeding violations, the current speed is now also displayed.

Further details are available at the following link:
(link to pdf)

TachoDownloader – update due to renewal of security certificate (25.03.2021)

The TachoDownloader enables the automatic download of driver and vehicle files and saving to a user-definable directory. More information can be found under the following link (TachoDownloader).
As the security certificate for the TachoDownloader expires on 29.03.2021, an update is required. Please carry out the installation by clicking on the following link (
Update TachoDownloader).

New version – Dashboard Gap Reporting and Upload History (18.02.2021)

With this release, the following new or enhanced functions are available:
• Dashboard "Data Gaps" and Reports
• Upload history vehicle and driver files - extended
• Consideration of ferry/train times in the working time reports
• Live map display - enhancements
• Link to the installation of the TachoDownloader
Here are the details

New version – Relaunch LIVE Display (09.10.2020)

The LIVE module is now available in a new version. The new views are largely based on the old view. Here are the details:
• The "LIVE" module has been graphically revised on the basis of existing functions and now appears "tidy" and with a new "look & feel
• A new technology ("Responsive Design") has been used, which allows the LIVE views to be displayed not only on a desktop, but also on tablets or smartphones.
• Drivers can now track their remaining driving time (day/week), working time (day/week), next break, etc. on their smartphone
• All functions of the previous LIVE view have been taken over
• In addition, details of tachographs and driver cards generations (G1/G2) are displayed
• All display fields are sortable
• The map view can be shown or hidden with one click.
If you have any questions, please contact the support of your service partner.

Announcement – Termination of sending DDD files via e-mail by 01.10.2020 (21.09.2020)

The optional sending of DDD files via e-mail will be terminated as of 30.09.2020 for data protection reasons. From 1.10.2020, DDD files can be downloaded to your computer or server as before using the download options in the portal or the TACHODownloader.

New version - Display generation tachograph and driver card (21.08.2020)

With the introduction of the Smart Tacho (Generation 2 Tacho = G2), new driver cards (Generation 2 = G2) have also been issued since mid-June 2019. From now on, the indication "G1" for previous tachographs/driver cards or "G2" for new tachographs/driver cards will be shown in all relevant overviews and reports.

New version - Changes in the status overview for vehicles and drivers (11/8/20)

The status overview for drivers and vehicles gets a new look & feel. The new views are largely based on the old view. The main improvements are - besides a better overview:
• For an immediate RDL for a vehicle, a user-friendly calendar is displayed, which allows you to select the date in the past up to which the RDL should be performed. In addition, a message is displayed that the RDL is being processed with high priority, and the RDL arrow is highlighted. This means that a new RDL is only possible after 30 minutes
• In the case of an immediate RDL for a driver, a message is issued that the RDL is being processed with high priority and the RDL arrow is highlighted. Thus a new RDL is only possible after 30 minutes
• After an immediate RDL (driver and vehicles) via the blue arrow, the user remains on the same page/position and is not redirected back to page 1 of the status overview
• The information whether a driver has activated private mode on the SmartTacho is integrated into the speed display in the vehicle overview. This is shown here instead of the current speed.
• The number of lines per screen is variable
• The subsequent pages can be called up either via the header or the footer of the screen

New feature: TachoDownloader (14.07.2020)

The TachoDownloader feature is now available. After a one-time setup, the TachoDownloader automatically and regularly reads the driver and vehicle files from the central database and saves them in a user-defined folder. After the user has logged in once, this function remains active until the PC is shut down. It is activated automatically after the PC is restarted by the user. By providing this function, there is no need anymore to send the driver and vehicle files by email.
A detailed description of the features can be found
here. To download the TachoDownloader once, please click on this link.

New version – Release Prague “graphical dashboard (15.01.2020)

With this release, the previous homepage is replaced by a graphical dashboard that displays the following information:
- Status of the legally due archiving activities of driver and vehicle files
- Status of activities due according to plan for remote download of driver and vehicle files
- Status of the company cards
- Status of driver cards
- Status of tachograph calibrations
- Status of driving licence validity
- Status of the last driving licence check
Furthermore, the duration during which a user can use the screen without activity and without having to log in again has been extended from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

An overview of the new functions can be found

New version TachoListener (07.01.2020)

With this message, TACHOfresh asks you to deploy a new version of TachoListener, which runs on a free version of Java and is only compatible with Windows 64 Bit systems.

Indeed, since April 2019, the update of Oracle's JAVA module to a higher version for commercial use is subject to a fee. In addition, Java versions > 8 only work on 64-bit Windows systems.

With this new version of TachoListener, a license free JAVA version will enable the launch the application as usual and access the card reader, USB memory and/or hard drive. However, if you receive the message "Installation possible only on 64-bit Windows systems" during installation, this means that the installation must be performed on another Windows, PC which is 64-bit compatible.

If you are using a firewall or proxy, please contact your service partner who will give you further installation instructions. Otherwise go to the next step:

Please click
here to download the installation guide and follow the instructions. Click on the link in the document to start the installation.